Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Fun

Why is it that just when we are getting the most enjoyment out of the great outdoors that the weather turns on us and forces us back inside? Well this year I am putting my best foot forwards when it comes to getting fresh air! 

We recently moved to another area (still in the great state of VT) but I am now struggling with the confinement of an apartment building... After our summer of outdoor living it is a huge adjustment but hopefully all will pay off in the end. The perks of our new abode: Heat (really you can't ask for much more), a yard, and a great Class 4 road to wander down with the dogs. As long as we are happy and healthy we can make any place our home.

Critter Update-
Charlie the rabbit has been relocated to my family's dairy farm and is enjoying life alongside of the cows. 
Thelma & Louise have been misnamed! Apparently the reason they were not laying eggs is that my lovely girls are actually male mallard ducks! They are loving their first snow fall and plunge into their icy water dish with vigor every morning!
Ratchet the cat disappeared for a full ten days after moving into our new place. Just when I had given up searching for him a wonderful neighbor stopped in to tell me he had been sighted! We hurriedly went about a quarter mile up the road and found him lurking under their porch. Upon seeing it was us, he bounded up out of the snow and came home! His journey took quite a toll on him and he lost a little over 8 lbs! Thankfully he has made up for it with eating and sleeping constantly since he got home.

Happy Holidays All!